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About Us

We are a group of interdisciplinary veterinarians, specialised in therapies with CBD on animals, who wish to offer this natural alternative for whoever is interested in treating their pets under professional care.

CannaVets offers integral help for people interested in natural therapies for the care of their pets. We work hard for placing medical cannabis closer to your pets in a safe and professional manner.

At CannaVets, we wish to offer a service of integral help with organic, sustainable and good quality products. So, your adorable pets can live a more healthy and happy life and they can stay many years next to you. Thanks to CannaVets, the owners of pets can clarify all of their questions, worries or fears regarding the use of cannabis in improving the health of your animals.

What is CBD?

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Along history, cannabis has been used as a therapy for treating a variety of ailments and discomforts. Nevertheless, it has taken hundreds of years before someone found the answer to the question: How can a plant treat so many ailments? The answer is found in the system that was unknown not too long ago, that affects the functioning of almost every systems in the body: “The Endocannabinoid System”.
The Endocannabinoid System consists of a specialised group of receptors in the brain and in the peripheral nervous system that every vertebrate display and it involves a variety of physiological processes like:
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Cannabinoids Treatments for Animals

Our Services

Advice in the use of CBD in pets

CBD is quickly becoming a popular alternative for pets. It is because of this, that many pets owners are seeking for a safe and natural alternative in the prescription of medicines.

Recommending CBD products

We inform dog and cat owners about the criteria to consider, in order to safely purchase products derived from this plant.

Personalised dosage

Nowadays, there are many ways of consuming cannabis as a medicine. Nevertheless, the effects produced by cannabinoids can be different, depending on the way of administration and the characteristics of the patient.

Experts in the Health of your pet

People, who are worried about their pets’ health, rely on us to care on the needs of their loved pets. We are experts in cannabinoids treatments, committed on offering the best veterinarian attention based on the use of medicinal cannabis.

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“Our pet experienced inappetence and bad mood for weeks. We always try to use natural treatments with all of our family. CBD helped with the discomfort our pet was suffering from and came back to be as active as before.”

cuidado de conejoAlicia García, CBD and Rabbits

“Since my dog has been diagnosed with epilepsy, I searched for a less aggressive and more rapid alternative. By using CBD during a seizure attack, we noticed he stops trambling and relaxes very quickly. Since then, his attacks have reduced in intensity and severity.”

avatar Claudia VClaudia V., Dog with epilepsy

“The potential of cannabinoids for a veterinarian use is showing multiple benefits in mammals. Veterinarians should study the functioning of the Endocannabinoid System in the same way they do with the other body’s systems.”

Antonio M., Veterinarian